Addressable Annunciator


  • Adopted RS485 communication mode and installed easily.
  • Synchronous connection and the same operation interface with the control panel.
  • The number of ALARM, WIRE-BREAK, FAULT events can display on LED synchronously.
  • Security code to protect the encoding data of soware program from incorrect change.
  • Backlit LCD display (320 x 240) designed, (English: 600 digits) reviewed more than 6 events at the same time.


  • Displayed the status of a synchronous connection with addressable control panel.
  • Synchronizing function to check the signals of a fire alarm, wire break and fault.
  • The data of event logs, types of activation, areas, time (years/months/dates/minutes/seconds) and relays are available to check.
  • System database in non-volatile RAM & not IC programming settings. When it requires to upgrade, it is available to use personal computer to change the data on site.
  • Control of reset, the main sound, alarm bell and announce relay.


QA24 Addressable Annunciator

Model QA24
Power 220V AC 50/60Hz *Others also available
Battery Capacity 24V DC 4Ah
Charging Voltage, Current 27.3V DC 100mA~1000mA *With auto adjustment function
Transmitting Signal Signal wire S+ and S- from control panel
Transmitting Method Digital series transmitting
Transmitting Distance 1000M@2.0mm shielded wire
Main Sound 85dB @1M
Material 1.6mm steel plate
Color Pearl gray
Dimensions (mm) HxWxD 400 x 500 x 130


Wiring Method