UL Smoke and Heat Detector


  • UL Listed.
  • Dual LEDs for 360-degree visibility.
  • Each visible warning has 3 modes to easily identify current status. 
  • Microprocessor control makes smoke and heat detection more accuracy.
  • The standard detector is 2-wire or 3-wire with base.
  • For 4-wire type just add one relay output module on 3-wire base. Simple and easy module placement enables wider application.
  • Detector is made of high endurance, solid and colorfast Fire-proof plastic.
  • Non-loosening screws on base terminal for easy installation.
  • Detector has passed strict EMC test, which greatly eliminates false alarms caused by interference from nearby sources.



AH-0625 UL Listed Combination Smoke and Heat Detector

Model AH-0625-2 AH-0625-3 AH-0625-4
Alarm Contact N/A   N/A 0.8A @30V DC, 0.4A @125V AC
Voltage Range 12 ~ 30V DC
Alarm Current @24V DC 470Ω 40mA 40mA 45mA
Standby Current @24V DC 470Ω 30 ~ 80μA
Sensitivity Setting Comply to UL 268 
Thermal Setting 57
Indicator Standby: flash every 4 sec. / Pre-alarm: flash every 2 sec. / Abnormal: flash once every sec.
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ +37.8
Material Fire-proof plastic
Dimensions 102mm(Dia.) x 54mm(H)
Weight  130g  130g  145g
Color White

Effective Alert Area

Building Height Area Covered
Under 4M 150 M2
4 ~ 20M 75 M2

Order Information

AH-0625-2 2-wire 
AH-0625-3 3-wire with remote indicator output
AH-0625-4 4-wire with relay output