Gas Detector


  • The AH-0822 features advanced technology, high accurate detection, low power-consumption and fast reaction time. It can detect natural gas and propane gas. Built-in buzzer and LED indicator alert by sounding and flashing.
  • Sounding and flashing in alarm status; the green LED is lit during monitoring and the red LED flashes in alarm status.
  • Dual power input: 12VDC and 24VDC operation in the same unit. No adjustment is required.
  • Optional 110VAC or 220VAC adaptor is available.
  • 1 set of relay output: COM. NO. NC. for CE version.



Model AH-0822
Approval UL CE
Power Source 24V DC 12V DC 24V DC 12V DC
Standby Current 25~30mA 40~45mA 35~40mA 65~70mA
Alarm Current 40~70mA 50~75mA 75~90mA 90~105mA
Warm-up Period 5~8 minutes about 35 seconds
Sensitivity 0.021 ~ 0.300% (Propane) 0.050 ~ 0.714% (Methane) 0.050 ~ 0.300%
Alarm Sound 85dB/3M and above 90dB/M and above
Detection Type Natural Gas & Propane Gas
Ambient Temperature  -10°C ~ +55°C
Dimensions 102 mm (Dia.) x 40.5 mm(H)
Weight About 130g